The St Thomas Court Group is the Largest Independent Practice Buying Group for Dispensing Doctors. Our company is designed exclusively to help dispensing doctors manage their prescribing and profit needs.

We are based within the Axminster Medical Practice serving practices from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to Essex for over 20 years.


Members benefit from a wide range of services including:

  • Free Practice Analysis
  • Unlimited Telephone and Email support
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • DGP Specials
  • Independent Training Sessions
  • Up to date advice and information on Category M


Its simple to join the St Thomas Court Group, just fill in this form,
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St Thomas Court Group
Axminster Medical Practice Church Street
EX13 5AG

Telephone: 01297 32126


Exclusively available for members...

Comments from our members...

'We like that St Thomas Court Group is not owned by a major pharmaceutical wholesaler.

For our first year or two running a dispensary we could not have done it without their help. For subsequent years we possibly could have. We could have negotiated individual discount deals with the local reps rather than have St Thomas Court Group set up better deals with regional or national managers.

We could have read all the press and web sites and edicts rather than have them summarise and present them to us.

We could have taken on more staff in our own Department of Wheel Reinvention and wasted a lot more time and money to do what St Thomas Court do for us.

We don't. Life's too short.'

'I have had occasion to phone the St. Thomas Court Group several times for advice and have always been impressed with the expertise which is given by Glyn on the queries I have raised. 

I am contacted on the day I make the enquiry and it is always explained to me in a concise way but easy for me to follow. 

Long may St. Thomas Court be in session.'


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